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Escape Hunt: The most exciting company event in Groningen!

Are you organizing the company event this year and are you looking for something new, exciting and challenging? Stop looking! Escape Hunt is the perfect company event Groningen.

The Escape Hunt Experience is the ultimate game for corporate events Groningen. We offer a unique program were fun and excitement is the most important.

Together with your colleges you play in one of our six rooms. In each of these rooms 5 people can play. In these rooms you get the feeling you’ve gone back in time. Searching for clues, riddles and mysteries, your team must try to escape with in sixty minutes. What you need is een good set of brains, thinking outside of the box and teamwork. Escape Hunt Groningen has six rooms with three different themes. In total 30 people can play at the same time. Are you with a bigger group? Then you can play several rounds of Escape Hunt.

Wat does Escape Hunt Groningen offers your company event Groningen?

Escape Hunt Groningen offers a unique experience in order to strengthen the ties in the team and solve problems. The Escape Hunt Experience is a great experience, but do you want more activities at your company events? Then contact us. You can expand your company event with a cooking workshop, a cocktail tasting or with a nice dinner.

We already organized many successful company events for companies in Groningen and beyond. Do you have a special request for you company event Groningen? Contact us about your company event Groningen.

Escape Hunt guarantees a great experience at your company event Groningen.






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