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Will you except the challenge? The passed months we’ve been very busy realizing our newest escape game. It was quite the job, but for all our loyal Escape Hunters we want nothing but the best! With proud we present our new escape game: The Deadly Virus in the Hortus Botanicus! Imagine: As the evening falls in the Hortus Botanicus, a gruesome discovery is made. It looks like a very dangerous poison is spreading through the botanic garden. Many rare plants need to be saved. The Praefectus Horti (the director of the Hortus Botanicus) has no idea what to do and ordered the Hortelani (the keepers of the Hortus Botanicus) to form a team of experts. The team needs to find the antidote to prevent the destruction of the Hortus Botanicus. The Hortelani chose you for this team. The future of the Hortus Botanicus is in your hands. Don’t waste time and start looking for the antidote. Who would you chose to help prevent this disaster? Choose your team and book this exciting theme now. It will be a battle with surprising elements. Be prepared… Do you want to know more about playing Escape Hunt? Don't hesitate to contact us....

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Murder in the Studio

Review Murder in the Studio

Escape Hunt Groningen: FUN & ADDICTIVE Who in his right mind gets locked up willingly in a small room were a murder is committed? It sounds gruesome, but it will be the most fun, exciting and hyperactive minutes you will experience in a long time. At the end you are disappointed it is over. Welcome at the Escape Hunt Experience Groningen! Everywhere in the world escape rooms are being opened. Couples, friend groups, bachelors, families and collegeas are locked up to solve a mystery. It is a very addictive game were you will need all you creativity, concentration, collaboration and analytic skills. Who killed August? Escape Hunt Groningen has six game rooms. We are welcomed very friendly in the Sherlock Holmes lounge. There are lockers to store your coat and mobile phones and cameras, because of course you can’t bring any help recourses. You have to do this with your own strengths. One of the game masters will bring you to your room. The explanation is short, because you need to find out what to do yourself. There are different stories you can play. We choose Murder in the Studio. When the door to the bedroom opens, you go...

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Do you want to take our escape hunt challenge?

The Escape Hunt Challenge is a test of nerves and skill.  Play all three games and escape in time to win a free T-shirt!  What's best is you get either 10% or 20% off your next games depending on whether you book one or two games after the first one.  Pay in advance and the next game(s) are valid with no expiry limit so you can enjoy them when you want...

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Blackmail in the bedroom


Bangkok Bomb Mystery


Theft at the art gallery


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